Hello Again

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few months so I neglected my blog among other things.  Apologies for that, but I plan on picking this up very again. : )    

Why Should I Buy Your App?

A Stingy Person’s Excuses for Not Buying Your App (and How to Get Around Them) I was talking to a developer about a mobile app he’s building and as our talk progressed he said:  “Let me ask you a question: You’re a pretty stingy person, what makes you buy an app?” After my initial laugh […]

What’s New SEO

Not much, in my opinion. With the end of the 2012 and the New Year beginning blogs around the Inter-webs have writing about how this year will be drastically different from previous ones. I myself wrote a predictions blog in the past. But this year something is different. Maybe its me but I think we are […]