About Me

I am Stacey.

I am a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Specialist with the thing for traveling and gadgets.

I spent the bulk of my tech life as an SEO and SEM for the web design and software company Element Fusion Oklahoma City. I moved [back] to the East Coast in 2012 where I work as an SEO for FC Online Marketing, a martial arts web design and marketing company in Long Island. In 2013 I began working at Catalyst Search Marketing‘s New York office as an Organic Search Manager.

I’m originally from New York City but I spent a few years living in Japan before I moved to Oklahoma and then back to New York.

I am technophile. I love how technology improves our lives. I love Internet Marketing in particular because it is more effective and cost efficient than traditional forms of broad outbound marketing and any company can do it. The Internet is becoming more and more useful and preferred as a resource so I think we should embrace it.

I’ve been married for five years, an SEO for four years, a Linux user for three years, a mac user for one and I’ve loved to learn since as long as I can remember.

With my move I haven’t spent much time on this blog but I’m looking forward to getting back into it really soon.