Bing: Good But Not Good Enough


Think for a moment about what Google means to you. When that name pops into my head words like “email”, “reliability”, “search” and “monopoly” come to mind. I think about their logo and I think about SEO.

When I think of Yahoo! words like “downfall” come to mind along with “annoying ads”, “entertainment”, “slow pace”; you get it.

Now when I think of Bing… I don’t really think of anything. If I were to describe Bing as I would a person I’d say that the had nice personality. I enjoy their UI with the little tid bits of info that I get on their homepage but other than that they are not very memorable.

Bing had a few edges over Google, their search was smarter and more interesting but Google has taken all of those features. Their search results are almost exactly alike and Google did a great job of calling Bing out on copy catting and there map is cool but over all it’s not cool enough.

Google won over our hearts with amazingly good search results and they’ve kept us with them because they haven’t stopped giving us awesome features, products, and technology. Before the big “G” Yahoo! was well used because it was fun and interactive. Its search results were good [enough] and they advertised so much it was impossible not to remember them. Bing made a huge splash with all of their ads but ultimately hasn’t done very much in the way of innovation and people are hard pressed to leave a product they are already comfortable with.

I like Bing, I really do but I don’t like it enough to stop using Google and I’m not the only one. Unless Bing steps up their R&D I don’t see them as being anything else but second best.