Google The Internet Gatekeeper?

A few days ago I got an email from Google about my Analytics account. Naturally I opened it and got the message in the image below:

Google Analytics
I didn’t request nor did I opt in for additional offers from Google so I was expecting to get this.

An unsolicited email offering some type of service is considered spam to me. After looking it over and rendering the service undesirable I got ready to hit the “spam” button in my email until I realized that I was using my Google Business email address. Then I thought “would Google consider its own emails spam if I do?” and I thought about the relationship I have with the Internet Giant.

Normally I describe Google by centering it’s existence around search. Yes, Google is The Search Engine, it’s name is now an synonym for search and every SEO who is and isn’t worth anything puts mostly all of the efforts into ranking in it but after getting Google Spam I changed my definition of what Google does to fit what is actually is instead of what it’s famous for being. And I do it from a personal perspective.

It serves as my professional and personal email provider, it provides me with website analytical software, it’s a news aggregator, it has a popular  video site (Youtube) has a blogging platform which I don’t often use and it has an online office suite which I do. It has a variety of search related and non search related applications and most recently became one of my favorite social networks. Google isn’t just search, Google is now synonymous with the Internet.

Google has become an important a part of my life and (un)surprisingly it began to spam me.

Recently Matt Cutts, head of Google Search Spam Team, talked about how Google + may be used to determine search result rank implying that websites that are connected with Google + profiles may get a bump up in SERPs because the website has additional ‘authenticity’. Content stealers have become a really big problems for Google so this is one way they can help verify who was the originator or content.

This sounds all well and good but if you step back a bit you’ll see that Google is favoring users of Google products. Will this be limited to just it’s new social network or will it extend to some of it’s other services?

Google InternetWill Google soon be the Gatekeeper of the Internet? Maybe I’m over thinking things but I couldn’t help but wonder.