How We Communicate Now, Online

Two things have really effected me in the last 30 days.  One was Hurricane Sandy hitting the North East Coast of the US and the second was the U.S. Presidential Election. I think I experienced both of the historical events in a way no other generation has before because of how plugged in I am to […]

Why I Don’t Care About the iPad 4

and Apple Product Events   *disclaimer. I am not an Fanboy..errrr Fangirl. I never have been and I probably never will be. I do have an iPhone and a Macbook which I love but fanboyism is just not for me. If you disagree with anything that I say feel free to leave a comment.  Also, […]

What the CoCo Meant to Oklahoma City

On Monday as I was checking out my Twitter feed to find out the Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative, a mecca for the Oklahoma tech community, is closing down. For people outside of Oklahoma this may not mean much but for those who were in this community the news was devastating. It’s especially devastating for the […]

Whois Tool Added

A few weeks ago I hired a developer I know to build me a Whois tool. The reasoning for this was simple enough to me. I use Whois a lot and I don’t really have any favorites sites that provides me with one. Some sites require that you become a member or pay fees for […]

Mobile Query Deserves Diversity

Just did a search and got the following results: Since more and more people are using the mobile device like a full on computers is Google now starting to use their regular algorithms for mobile SERPs? Mobile SEO was never truly a stand alone strategy, more like a simplified version of regular tactics for locally […]