Social Media Failures Part 2: Getting Back on Track

If your campaign feels aimless go back and answer all of the questions you didn’t before. In no particular order look over these questions and answer them on behalf of your company.

Who is my audience?

Before you can know how to market you should know who you are marketing to. If your primary customers are technophiles you’ll need to interact with them differently then you would would with stay-at-home moms. If you’re not sure who your audience is, sign up for Quantcast. Quantcast will give you some code to put in your website code so you’ll be able to learn more about your website demographic once you learn who your audience is you’ll know more about what they like, and how you can speak with them.

What image does my company want to represent?

Is your company a serious construction firm or is it a fun loving toy company? Do you want to want to show a warm and friendly side or are you looking to share bleeding edge innovations with users. Deciding on how you want to portray your business online allows you to figure out what will and will not be acceptable for your profile to share.

When should I be active?

This information can be found by doing some basic research on your audience (refer to first point) and even checking out your website Analytics (If you don’t track your website visits, do it now). If your audience is mostly businessmen than doing most of your activity on weekdays from 9-7 is best. If you’re a clothing store staying active in afternoons and weekends is better since your audience will be casually surfing the net. When you know your audience and when your average website activity you’ll know when they like to get do most of your marketing.

Where does my audience like to hang out?

Linkedin, Facebook, niche forums, all of these are great places to set up camp but if you know where most of your audience is focusing your attention on key platforms instead of spreading yourself thin on many the best strategy. This way your users will know where to find you and you’ll be able to give then the attention that they expect from a great business like yours.

Why do I want to use Social Media?

If you are you starting a social media campaign you need to know what are you looking to get out of it. Don’t just say “I want more followers/fans” because that doesn’t directly equate to revenue increases. If you have a million fans, what then? If you are not fulfilling some requirement than all of your time could be wasted. The why his goes back to the biggest point the previous post, Social Media Failure Part 1, you need a goal.

If you are looking to crowdsource ideas on new products then get involved and ask a lot of questions, ask for feedback, hold contests for good ideas. If you’re looking to use Twitter as a customer service platform then keep response time as short as possible, if you want to have more visits to your website include blog links and site updates in your posts. Whatever you want to accomplish make sure you’ve got your goals in mind and are working towards it.

Any social media campaign can succeed with the right amount of planning behind it.