Why I Don’t Care About the iPad 4

and Apple Product Events


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*disclaimer. I am not an Fanboy..errrr Fangirl. I never have been and I probably never will be. I do have an iPhone and a Macbook which I love but fanboyism is just not for me. If you disagree with anything that I say feel free to leave a comment.  Also, this picture is from The Oatmeal’s awesome comic site. 

I’m not interested in the iPad 4 just like how I wasn’t interested in the iPad 3 or the other iPads. They look kinda cool but they are big iPhones that won’t fit in my bags and I don’t wanna buy a special iPad bag just to carry it around. For what the iPad does I could use a Macbook. And when typing I like the tactile sensation of hitting keys so I didn’t get one. I did however get a Kindle Fire.

Why? Because it’s smaller, works really well as an e-reader and it’s cheaper. That’s really it. All my awesome apps are on my iPhone, I can do work on a Macbook, so for me Kindle won the tablet war.

The iPhone Disappointment

The iPhones are boss and I bought the 3G and the 4. When the iPhone 5 was leaked a few months after I got the 4 I was a little bit irritated that I was gonna be tempted to upgrade already. But then I heard the specs and I wasn’t tempted, at all. It’s taller and slimmer, which is nice, but those are trivial improvements to me. I’m not gonna drop my 4 (with no scratches on it!) for a new phone without uber impressive features. Plus my old plugs won’t work either so I’ll be at a loss on this.

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So I didn’t get one.

When some of my friends got theirs they seemed mildly excited about it until they used it.  The new iOS came out just before the 5 was shipped. I read reviews and I found out Google Maps was replaced with the ill-created Apple Maps. After I saw the apple maps tumblr that I decided not to upgrade. Apple’s response to the maps fiasco was ‘sorry, go download Mapquest’. Mapquest is pretty good for directions but their search is just shy of awful so I still don’t have iOS6.

So what’s my point in all of this? Apple seems to be taking great strides to test their loyal customers. They are trickling features out, labeling them “revolutionary” and pricing products high enough to make your wallet cry.  Even as they release new goodies they keep their obsolete products just an expensive as before.

Today’s Presentation

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This afternoon Apple had one of their famous product events. Everyone was expecting them to talk about the highly anticipated iPad Mini (which is close to Kindle size), but they also introduced a new full sized iPad. The iPad 3 has been out for 6 months and now the iPad 4 is on the way, with what upgrades I have no idea but if it’s the same kinda improvements as the iPhone 4 to the 5 I’ll probably LOL, literally.
ipad 4 commentAnd with all of that said I don’t really care about the iPad 4 just like I didn’t care about its predecessors. It’s an neat product but it’s nothing that I’d consider buying. The iPad Mini does sound great but Kindle has kept me happy so I’m not going anywhere.

ipad 4 anger
When the iPhone came out I was blown away by what Apple did but recently the company makes me wonder if they are just trying to milk fans dry.